* pon * pon * pon *

~ "PONPONPON" by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ~

Kev showed me this last week.
usually, I am not into just cutsie typical idol girls/groups.
but this one is an exception.
later half of the video gets quirky trippy and its great!
but beware, its super catchy.

: : :

photo by Loise Fago Ruskin.

a friend of mine introduced me to Other Lives and i fell in love.
these are especially pretty: ~epic~ ~e minor~
i need more piano and violins for my ears.

also today i took my pieces ive been working on for the past few months, to the framer,
and the weight feels lifted.
i feel good today.
it will be all good.

~ ~ ~

(photo by Leslie Hosokawa)

these days are such extremes.
extreme work and extreme play
and not much in-betweens of calm.

it feels like im rushing running charging through
while at a complete stand still.

in a few months
itll be better.