. woodkid .

~ 'Iron' by Woodkid ~

gawd! this is so good.
its been playing on repeat.

first heard on Assassins Creed Revelations trailer:
(which is beautifully made. and should be watched in HD)

the power of sound and images.

so intense. such drama and tragedy.
i want to sink into it. and let it engulf me.

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(photo by Maja Malou)

recent days are of work and solitude.
i need to finish these pieces within the week.
feels like ive been staring at them and struggling with them for too long. much too long.
but i suppose it is ok to have different phases and relationships with them.
nothing should ever be too smooth and easy.

but still..

it is time for them to be completed.
and move on to the next.


wine. cheese. olives.
Umami burger. Olly Moss. Yamashiro sushi. Parlour room.
late night snacks and moscow mule. daihinmin.
breakfast omelette. Portal 2 co-op completed. Little Dom's.
Kevin meets my family. Uzen. night time pizza.


home-made manicotti. salads with cheese and salami.
Portal 2. Game of Thrones. BBC Life series.
margaritas. foie gras. Kobe beef tartare. champagne.
pizza. caeser salad. Hanna. salmon with dill yogurt.
Easter. Kevin's mom and dad. Norman Rockwell. doll house. crab and asparagus quiche.
rain. coffee. byebye.

i see Kevin for a few days every 2 or 3 weeks.
which is considered often for a long distance relationship.
but still. it never seems quite enough.

i should take more photos. and keep record here more often.