. xhxix .

digital paintings by xhxix.

cannot find much info on the artist.
his/her other pieces of men are a bit too eerie for my taste,
but i love the tone and flow and complexity to these.
it excites me when i cant fathom the process of creating such an image.

see full uncropped image of above here.

. dream dream dream .

recent dreams have been unstable.
mornings have been starting off feeling disturbed and confused.

the one thing i absolutely hate and fear are caterpillars and larvae like creatures.
anything in a tube form, squishy and gooey and soft. and moves in that strange 'gut-sliding' manner. ack!!
so last night i dreamt hundreds of them were in my bedroom, in my bed, under the covers with me!!!
i jumped out of bed and can feel them crawling on my legs and arms,
and i was freaking out because it was dark and i couldnt see well,
and feared i will step on them and cause them to goosh out. ooze out. pop.
horrible. just horrible.

glad it was a dream...

. ja.mai.ca .

last week
Kevin and i, and thirty of our friends and acquaintances spent a few days in Negril, Jamaica,
at the Rockhouse, a boutique resort on a beautiful reefy cove.
this was my first time in the Caribbean, and didnt know what to expect,
but oh my! our days spent there were so divinely beautiful and serene and romantic and exciting and...
it was just so very amazing...
i still feel a bit aloof, still on island time.
i hope at least once a year we can take these excursions.

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~ ~ ~

(by Teresa Queiros)

time. waiting.
so slow.
keep busy.
one after another. fill fill fill. move. do.
noise. static. rustle. rush.

then pause.
stop. breath. rest.

slow. quiet. still.
hush hush whispers.
hanging. lingering.